Jan Peter Apel

Mystery "relativistic"

"Relativistic" is that secret of physics that even physicists do not understand properly. Therefore, it is not possible to explain in elementary schools what it really is, because only what one have understood can be taught. From average persons, when they hears something about it, it is classified into something extraterrestrial and intellectually ticked off as incomprehensible: "That's something for those up there, I do not need to live anyway". This "relativistic" does not come from Einstein, it's an effect of time dilation, which is demonstrably existent, for which, before Einstein and two years before Hendrik Antoon Lorentz, Joseph Larmor first discovered in 1897 that factor, by which the time dilation can be calculated. This factor is today dubbed Lorentz Factor.

"Relativistic" is not a material thing. Relativ is an observation out of another moving, relativistic is an observation out of a different running time.

Relativistic has to do only with different time courses.

Every process in nature proceeds according to its own cause-and-effect law. For example, the fall of an electron from a higher shell to a lower one. The emitted light beam has an associated frequency. If the atom, in which this happens, a subject with a time dilation, then the electron's fall velocity slows as time passes more slowly and with it the frequency of the emitted light, it becomes redder. If the frequency of the light is known without moving the atom, the velocity of the atom can be calculated by this redshift.

The "relativistic" is only the temporally slower running
 of processes of nature, so pure mechanics, nothing else.

"Slower" is the slower running time in an object compared to the fastest possible running time in the univers (later called "t zero") in an object without motion.
What a movement is, to whom or what is unclear since Einstein. It still remains to find by detecting the time dilations where the absolute fixed point of the world is. This is the one where the time dilation is zero. The earth's surface is it by no means!

There is no non-relativistic physics and no relativistic physics. There is only one nature and one physics in which only the time course in individual objects or several related, so-called inertial systems, changes depending on their speeds with respect to the zero point of the world yet to be found.

How does the relativistic manifest itself in the observable environment?
Movement speeds arise out of way through time. If the fastest time running outside of a moving object is used to observe it, one see its absolute speed. Their maximum value is the speed of light.
If the slower, the relativistic time in the moving object is used, one get its relativistic speed. Its maximum value is infinite, since the time course at the then absolute speed of light speed becomes zero, so in the moving object no time is consumed for any distances.

For summations of velocities aplies:

Absolute speeds add up absolutely.
If two objects move towards each other at the speed of light,
the differential speed will be of course twice the speed of light.

This becomes visually vivid then, if from two adjacent supernovas, their shock waves traveling at the speed of light rush toward one another at the absolute speeds of each is speed of light. Of course, they approach each other at twice the speed of light.

Relativistic velocities add up relativistically.
Move two objects at infinite speed
(that's absolutely the speed of light) towards each other,
so is the relativistic speed difference as well
only infinite, because there is no double infinity, infinite is infinite. 

From this came the tale, that in the universe is 1 plus 1 equals 1.
The school formulas from the special theory of relativity do not
differences between absolute and relativistic speeds,
so they therefore are wrong! 

There are time dilations on the earth's surface. Clocks on Earth are thus slower. The clocks and, with them, our biological clock live relativistically, we age a little bit more slowly. Where are the movements responsible for these time dilations?

The time dilations on the surface of the earth consist of those which result from the supposedly gravitational, which corresponds exactly to the escape velocity of the earth, from the peripheral speed of the earth's surface and from own movements opposite the earth's surface.

Because we measure speeds on Earth with the clocks slowing down by time dilations, they are relativistic velocities. In order to properly measure the absolute speed of light, the clocks would have to be corrected with these present time dilatations to set them to the fastest possible time course.

The physical relativistic factor gamma ph.
The physical relativistic factor differs from that of Larmor / Lorentz in that it is not mathematically abstract, but physically derived from its true mechanical origin and thus can shown be visualized in a comprehensible manner to anyone.
 Its value indicates the time delay slowdown directly. The purly "mathematical" factor by Larmor-Lorentz  is the reciprocal of the natural physical relativity factor, with correct application mathematically correct, but without knowing why. Therefore, there are no rules that say when, where, and how it is to apply. This, how I read, resulted for example to alleged existences of relativistic stars, so relativistic masses, in addition to the already predicted mass multiplication and length contractions. All are crazy nonsense!  

The application of the relativistic factor is by
its creation firmly tied on the times.
It quantified exclusively only their course
and must therefore be used only with the time.
So it is no longer available for other ideas.

The diagramm of the natural, the physical relativitic factor.

As a basis for thinking serves an atom, whose electron cycles form the time. The basis of time is one revolution of an electron around its nucleus. If the atom moves, the electron must travel a longer distance on its then helical path.
So the time for one revolution is longer, the time in the atom runs slower: This is the secret of time dilation. And it is simplest mechanics, just not visible because too small.
For a better understanding  of the following diagram, the electrons revolve around the electron in that form, that they describs a helix around the straight orbit of the moving atom.
If the electrons did not orbit the atomic nucleus transversely to the direction of motion, but in their direction, they would have to overtake them and then fall back, which leads to the same result.

The ordinate represents the velocity of movement of an object / inertial system (thick vector drawn upwards). The radius of the unit circle corresponds to the speed of light, that is the electron velocity of the electrons on their helices. The abscissa shows the dashed reduced vector of the orbital velocity. This in relation to the speed of light is the physical relativistic factor. It quantifies directly the slower running time.
The relativistic factor gamma, mathematically constructed by Larmor, is not useful for any substantially understanding, so an incapable of thought reciprocal value, in which also the cosine is expressed by means of Pythagoras and therefore veiled additionally any physically real natur. However, this concealment of truths is welcomed by many scientists, because it represents a deliberate obstacle for laymen, in order to give them as little as possible insights into science. They would otherwise dare to have a say.

The atomic clock with the electron as a pendulum is the clock with which Newtonian physics works. The mechanics of the revolutions of the electrons is also transferred to the large movements of machine parts visible and perceptible to us. Every great thing is always the sum of little things.

For a body with the maximum possible speed of light speed, this means a relativistic speed of infinity, and thus an infinite momentum

Newtonian speed is the relativistic speed and goes up to infinity.
Its time base is the passage of time in the moving body, its "own" time. 

This explains directly why the speed of light can not be exceeded: the electrons then no longer revolve around their atomic nucleus, which means that also in the large scale no more rotations can take place in machines, no motor can turn more, because all parts moves with the speed of light in only one direction. Additionly transverse movements are not more possible.

What does the world view look like with the relativistic?
The whole cosmos works exclusively with Newtonian physics. And it works only with time, based on a rotation of an electron around its nucleus. This is the smallest periodically mechanical advance in the macro world.

The revolutions of the electrons around their atomic nuclei
are the mechanical "pinions" of nature.
Every same mechanical movements always consists of the
same number of revolutions of the electrons around their nuclei! 

So the physically time always consists of the zero-time (without time dilation) times the physical relativistic factor. Both belong together like action and reaction and can not be separated, par examble by shifting the relativistic factor to mass or length. The relativistic time of Newtonian physics is calculated as:

t relativistic  =  t zero cos αr

This relativistic time is the one we feel and die for. The inclusion of relativistic time in all existing physical formulas makes the previous partial physics from Newton to the only one cosmonal physics. There is no separate relativistic physics. All mechanical processes of nature are relativistic, depend only on the revolutions of the electrons around their atomic nuclei, there are no others.
The relativistic time completely replaces the special
theory of relativity, which is omitted without substitution
and with it the general theory of relativity too.
All formulas of Newtonian physics with the relativistic time
apply unchanged in the whole universe.
There is no relativistic or 
nonrelativistic physics.

Newton's approach to a cosmos in which a "unit time" works for everything is correct. The cosmos ages with zero time, that is without time dilation. Inertial systems in the cosmos, on the other hand, works with their own relativistic times.

So incomprehensibly simply works the world behind its often so enigmatic phenomena. And Richard Feynman's (Nobel Prize 1965) prediction is fulfilled "that ultimately, physics does not require mathematics, that finally the naturs "machinery" will come to light, and that the laws will show oneself to be as simple as the rules of the ostensibly seemingly complex chess game".
The world is exactly so, how it looks like.
Only their functionalism runs in inertial systems
different fast.