What is Gravitation?

  First published in 2005 in "Innovative Physik"

After found of the absolute reference point for the Newtonian physics, there are new approaches to what is gravity. It is remarkable that the zero point of the nature moves toward matter. What observed is, that bodies accelerate itself without to need a force against there inertia. But this is logical, because they only stay in their non movement or retain in their movement from before relativ to the ether. From this it could be concluded that the fall of the zero point is the gravitation itself. Only the question remains, why falls the zero point, the ether, to celestial bodies?
As has already been out, the zero point is not only an intellectual reference point, but a real substantive, but massless thing, the ether. Einstein abolished from it based on only one experiment without any cross-checking. So the question is now: why moves ether to matter?
But not only that, it also falls in deep mines even further, thus goes through matter through. That is, the ether as the zero point of the functional world even flows into matter. This is also showing by the fact that gravity can not be shielded.

How to go further? With Joseph Larmor. He was the first, who postulated the time dilation and the Lorentz-transformation. He said that matter is just another shape of ether, although the ether is completely massless. If it were not massless, all movements of stars and other celestial bodies would come to rest against it due to friction. From the ether, according to current understanding from the vacuum of space, it must be say that it contains much energy. And that is secured. Otherwise might not occur the real so-called "virtual particles" spontaneously out of it. That this particles exist, is even experimentally confirmed by Willis Lamb. He observed free electrons in vacuum and saw that they are trembling by something. In the same manner as fungal spores by water molecules trembles with the so-called Brownian motion.
Next a "substance" of the vacuum in the nuclear technologie is already reality. One only say not “ether“ to it because it looks like blasphemy against Einstein and that will not be tolerated.

With this knowledges results a postulation of what
is gravitation:

Gravitation is flow of ether into matter

Because the ether is also the zero point, it brings with all what is in it. A gravitational force is not exist, Newton already told that it can not give an attractive force.
This also explains why the gravitational effect decreases with the square of distance. Ether flows corresponding to the increasing flow cross-section. Why not notice a body that it is accelerating downward? Because it is part of the ether as a swimmer is part of the water, in which he also do not notice how he is raised or lowered with waves. A pilot in a water bath would not feel the acceleration during intercept his plane (though he get breathing difficulties, because the air has not the pressure of the water). For this of course increases the water pressure, what divers but not feel also.

With this, however, still not clear why ether flows into matter. Since ether also contains energy, even a lot, it would have to show something in celestial bodies. It shows. Jupiter gives off more heat than it receives from the sun. He himself does not produce energy. It's long been known, but not understand. The sun has a rotational speed that is inexplicably low. Why? The earth must have growth, otherwise the shifts of its continents would not be so, as they are. All of which can be explained by the ether, it transforms itself into matter for their propagation and/or energy for heating. The "heart of the matter" about this is:

Matter eats ether

That is the simply principle of gravitation. Three words as an explaining for a natural occurrence, which the spirit of humanity for thousands of years driving to despair. That the explanation of the world by the generell relativity is so complicated, is caused by the used tool, the mathematics. The functions of the world are determined by cause-effect-principles and not by descriptions of their localizable and measurable external phenomena. And cause-effect-principles are basicly simple.

Mathematics never can find the "heart of matters"

Why? There are always several mathematical paths to get from same start conditions
to same results. For gravitation was born out of five different mathematical paths five different physical theories: the attraction theory, the pressure theory, the field theory, the theorie of shortest ways by Hamilton and the most complicated, the general relativity.
All of them do not have the "heart of the matter" of Gravitation. Einstein was the one who made the physics with mathematics so complicated, that simple explanations are no longer believed. But:

All basic principles for functions of nature events, there "heart of the matters", are basically simple

The geometric world is exactly as it looks. However, light rays are bent by gravitational fields, so that arise distortions for observers.
The functional world, however, is geometrically linked to the movements of the ether and therefore visually very different to the observed,
especially near masses as celestial bodies.

In the animation below is to see a jump in water. The jumper has a motion on the jump diagonally upward. He moves after the jump on a Newtonian inertial line, red signed. Ie, the jumper moves with constant speed on the red line diagonally upward. This process happens with respect to the fixed point of the world, the ether.
Because the ether  flows in the surface of the earth, what the gravitation is, the red line moves accelerating itself downward. The path of the jumper is therefore no longer straight, but the well known parabolic trajectory or geodesic.

How can it be that there is no gravitational force, although we feel it permanently
and calculates with it led to right results for all processes of gravity?

Dazu im Vergleich die Fliehkraft. Auch sie ist eine Kraft, die deutlichst auf uns einwirkt. Im Auto, das eine Kurve fährt, scheinen wir von etwas nach außen gedrückt zu werden. Zu diesem "Etwas" sagen wir Fliehkraft. Dieser Begriff entstand aus einem Gefühl, zu dem wir aber volles Vertrauen in seine Echtheit haben. Leider ist das nicht die Wirklichkeit.
Die Wahrheit ist so: Wir sind ein massebehaftetes Objekt, das durch seine Trägheit seinen Bewegungszustand beibehält. Nur äußere Kräfte können diesen ändern. Da unser Trägheitszustand nur auf einer Geraden beibehalten bleibt, muß also, wenn wir uns auf einer Kreisbahn bewegen sollen, eine Kraft auf uns einwirken, die uns permanent vom geraden Weg in Richtung der Kreisbahn des Autos ablenkt. Das heißt: der Sitz oder die Seitenwand des Autos muß uns dauernd in Richtung des Kreismittelpunktes hin drücken. Dieses "Drücken" geschieht durch eine Kraft, die vom Auto ausgeht. (Wir sagen dazu Zentripedalkraft.)
Ursächlich drücken
also nicht wir gegen das Auto, sondern das Auto gegen uns. Das Auto muß uns auf seinem Weg in die Kreisbahn mitnehmen! Unser Druck gegen die Autoseitenwand ist nur die Reaktionskraft auf die Aktionskraft des Autos. Unser Gefühl ist nicht in der Lage, Aktionskraft von Reaktionskraft unterschieden zu können. Deren Ermittlungen sind nur durch Nachdenken mit den Regeln der Natur möglich. Das Resultat: eine "Flieh"kraft gibt es nicht. Sie ist nur eine Reaktionskraft und drückt einzig unser Gefühl aus.

Mit unserem Gefühl der Gravitationskraft ist es ebenso. Wir glauben, daß wir auf die Erde drücken. Etwas anderes können wir uns auch beim besten Willen nicht vorstellen. Und trotzdem täuscht uns auch
hier das Gefühl. Ein Beschleunigungsmesser im Auto würde in der Horizontalen messen, wie hoch die Beschleuigung der Fahrtgeschwindigkeit und auch die Bremsverzögerung als Beschleunigung in rückwärtiger Richtung wäre, auch die Kurvenbeschleunigung in Richtung zum Mittelpunkt einer Kurve würde er anzeigen. Der identische Beschleunigungsmeser würde, in senkrechter Richtung montiert, anzeigen, daß das Auto mit uns und überhaupt alles nach oben beschleunigt wird.  Nur glauben tun wir das nicht. Üblicherweise wird zu diesem Meßergebnis gesagt, daß das "was anderes" sei, eine Ausnahme. Gravitation wäre eben etwas anderes.
Mit welcher Berechtigung?
In der Natur gibt es keine Ausnahmen. Sie werden üblicherweise immer dann erfunden, wenn sie bestehende Weltbilder gefährden. Die Fakten der Messungen bestätigen aber das, was zuvor als Erklärung der Gravitation vorgestellt wurde und worin eine Kraft nicht enthalten ist. Das Problem in der Erforschung der Welt ist immer das gleiche: wir sind als Beteiligte befangen, Teil der Geschehnisse und dadurch verwirrt. Das zweite Problem ist, daß die Mathematik auch Wege zu korrekten quantitativen Ergebnissen findet, obwohl die zugrunde liegenden Theorien unstimmig sind.