The World Formula

What is the ultimate objektive of today's physical research?
"The" world formula.
Why a world "formula"?
Because the mainstream belief is that mathematical algorithms determine all processes of nature.
Is that correct?
It is the other way around: nature determines itself. And that with its own "software", neither visible nor measurable, its functional principles. Mathematics can only rely on the resulting external symptoms, because only they are localizable, measurable and calculable.
Almost all of these measurable externalities of natural processes can be summarized in mathematical algorithms, but this is not a natural law. The radioactive decay is for example a process, that can not be treated exactly, but only statistically.

Nature is completely determined by itself. This means, that physics must be its own exact science, which requires neither the help of mathematics nor other sciences.
But it is still miles away from this condition, it does not even have criteria for wrong or correct physical theories. However, these criteria are the only legitimation for an exact science: science has to state mandatory and explicitly what is wrong and what is right. Mathematics can not prove anything in physics, as proved by several theories of gravitation that are all mathematically correct. There are no paths for mathematics to find the
inner software out of the outer symptoms of nature's events, especially since nature´s software is purely verbal.

What would be the result of a mathematical world formula if it existed at all?
One could calculate everything in nature. Good and beautiful. But what does that mean?
That means nothing less than that one still does not know why the world is as it is. The knowledge of the causes and modes of action would still be zero in extreme case. But "only" this knowledge is physics!

The knowledge of the world, so the physics, can not be found with mathematics,
but only by finding their natural principles!

The ultimate objektive of physical research is not a mathematical statement, but a verbally physically, namely to find the highest functional principle by which all the bottom cause-and-effect principles for the many individual natural phenomena can be derived. So to speak, the common denominator for the functions of all natural phenomena.
Mathematics has no license to use terms from physics, such as "Theory", to redefine for itself and thus to incorporate the whole physics. Theories are in physics concrete verbal descriptions of the modes of actions for natural processes by causes to effects on the basis of nature-function principles.

Physics is independent and based solely on the hardware of nature. The geometric space is uninvolved. The hardware consists not only of massed things, but also of massless, that means
things free of inertia. And there must be a "supreme" thing of nature. Without such, no overall picture of nature can be created.

The all-filling of the entire space is the ether, whose existence is denied by misinterpretations of the results of the Michelson-Morley experiment. These misinterpretations are the birth defects of post-Newtonian physics. But this experiment has measured the ether as a wind from the peripheral speed of the earth's surface. However, this reading of only about 400 m / s was so far away from the expected 30,000 m / s, that it went ignored. The measuring theory of the Michelson-Morley experiment, that there is a wind of ether on the globe due to its speed around the sun, was and is wrong. The Hafele-Keating experiment proves that there is a horizontal stream of ether on the earth's surface due to the rotation of the earth (except at the poles), because only with the ether as a reference point for time dilatation can its results be explained. Furthermore the ether is the material basis of Maxwell's formulas with their specializations concerning time dilation, which could not exist without ether. The theories of relativity completely fails for the measurements results of the Hafele-Keating experiment, since they do not know the existence of the ether.

The reason is, that the high rate of ether wind due to the movement of the earth around the sun on the surface of the earth does not exist, because the mass of the earth absorbs ether, which is the secret or principle of gravitation. Finding the cause of this "ether-feeding" through matter is the most important task for the future. From the inflow of the ether into the earth arised the time dilation, which considered as gravitational. But also these, like all other natural phenomena, can have only one cause of causation (causality principle). Their value is therefore also exactly the escape velocity, because the ether flows with this velocity into the earth on the earth's surface. An escape from the earth is only possible against this headwind of the ether. The ether is the absolute zero point of all movements, although it can move itself as seen by the gravity.

The highest world principle is the movement of matter towards the ether.
Fortunately, we are seeing the world from a position in rest against the starry sky,
even though we are
at the same time in a state of local acceleration,
because the ether as the zero point of the world flows, accelerating by itself,
through us and everything else from up to down.

The world is just three-dimensional and exactly how it looks.
There are no oversizes.