The bigest Lie in modern Physics

In is written:

Four cesium beam clocks flown around the world on commercial jet flights during October 1971, once eastward and once westward, recorded directionally dependent time differences which are in good agreement with predictions of conventional relativity theory. Relative to the atomic time scale of the U.S. Naval Observatory, the flying clocks lost 59 10 nanoseconds during the eastward trip and gained 273 7 nanoseconds during the westward trip, where the errors are the corresponding standard deviations. These results provide an unambiguous empirical resolution of the famous clock "paradox" with macroscopic clocks.

This current opinion to the Hafele-Kaeting experiment is a pure assertion, there are no references to any data. Are made experiments, so must be compared the results with predictions.
Where are the predicted values for this experiment?
They are hidden.
Because they do not fit.

The special theory of relativity says explicitly, that the time dilations of the clocks in the aircrafts to the East and the West must have the same size. But the measured values are most importantly different and contrary!

The true is: the time dilation in the aircraft to the east is, as expected, higher, but in the aircraft to the West lower: the clock runs faster than the base time. This is a very great sensation that must be hidden!
Because the results of these experiment will identify the special and in consequence the general relativity too as principle wrong. And that may not be because it should not be.

Because the lie in the statemant is not allowed to be visible, confusions are installed. 
1) A conventional special relativity theory is not exist, the special relativity is a conventional theory.
2) "Lost" und "gained" are no defined physical expressions. These expressions are intended only to prevent, that positiv and negativ will be visible.
3) The problem is not how accurate are the values. Therefore is the question for the standard deviations uninteresting.
"Unambiguous empirical" means that the measured values have to predict the values of the experiment, but they did not confirm that in the remotest degree.
4) The clock paradox requires no new confirmation, it is safely exist. Without it there would not exist the 
special relativity.
It should also be measured in this case only too. If any one had anticipated, that the result were so, how it was, no one had been allowed to make it.
5) Are the cesium beam clocks macroscopic clocks? The special relativity knows no differenz between smal and big clocks. Time dilation is the same for atomic clocks and Cuckoo Clocks.

Physics has degenerated into a religion.
And these knows no mercy.