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The Secret of the Hafele-Kaeting-Experiment

1971 Hafele and Kaeting measured the time dilation in aircrafts. In retrospect, unfortunately (or fortunately?) twice, once in the orbit of Earth in its rotational direction, ie to the East, and once to the West. The results were clear and unambiguous: to the East was a time delay of the clock of about 50 nanoseconds, to the West a lead time of about 140 ns. These results were not expected and are completely incomprehensible. Two years after this experiment wrote Johannes v. Buttlar in "Reisen in die Ewigkeit", that this would probably have something to do with the Earth's rotation. These incomprehensible results of this experiment must have of course something to do with the fact, that the Earth rotates. This is so obvious that everyone can see it. If there is any problem, then, how couldthat have nothing to do with the Earth's rotation.

That the rotating Earth's surface can not be taken as a reference point for exploring nature, was the birth of modern physics and led to the realization that not the Sun is moving around the Earth, but the Earth revolves around the Sun. So: why is  taken for this experiment the Earth's surface as a reference point
Granted, the surface of the Earth itself has not been taken, but according to the understanding of the theories of relativity the reference clock. Both consider themselves to be mutual reference point, so the local clock and the aircraft. This is to be understood as if did not exist the earth, but only the reference clock and the aircraft. The slogan: everything is relative. The problem is, that the prediction of the special relativity had not occurred these results.

But this prediction is the only thing, what ever the special relativity can!

is this problem not really a problem. If a theory does not lead to a measurement result, then not can be wrong the reality, but only the theory and one must search the right one. But exactly this shall not be: the theories of relativity comes from God, sorry, Einstein. Thus, there are two possibilities: one simply lives on with this "religion" as already thousands of years ago with the religion of an orbiting sun and lies the results of the experiment into the relativities or makes revolution like Galilei and explore the true. We do the latter.

It begins with the clarification of what is time dilation.
Time dilation is, how some other physical variables also, undefined. Why?
Because it's unclear what time is. What is time? Its walk, the speed of its expiry, or a time difference between for example now and later? The difference between the two becomes clearer when it is compared with a cruising speed and a cruising duration.

We define: Time dilation is the slowing of the speed of time

Only with indispensable specification can be thought correctly in physics.
For the Hafele-Kaeting experiment, this definition means, that the experiment has not measured the time delations as running speeds of the clocks in the aircraft, but rather the differences in the length of time for an orbit of the planes.
But this alone declared neither the very large deviations yet even the main problem, that the time differences are positiv and negativ.

Thus, the search for the truth.
We follow Galilei and separate us from the carousel Earth's surface. But we do not go to the sun, but rather went a step further to the fixed stars.

What do we see from this reference point?
First, that the reference clock with their location rotates around the Earth's axis.
Then, that the aircraft, which flies eastward, is even faster and the aircraft to the West slower than the reference clock.
These from the starry sky to be seen absolute velocities seem now to be the applicable velocities for the time dilations for all clocks. Let us check this.

The animation shows the Earth orbits of the aircrafts from there starting point back to there starting point. The movements of the aircrafts relative to the earth's surface are shown with the blue arrows as the angle between the starting point and the current aircraft positions. The absolute motions of the aircrafts are based the on the drawing plate, it represents the fixed star background
In the animation, so the absolute motions of the aircrafts and there starting location and there relative movement with respect to the rotating starting point are visible simultaneously. The aircraft eastward flies one and a half times as fast as the ground under it as against the starry sky. The aircraft westward moves with its speed against the starting location to the west. Towards the stars it moves but also to the East, with half the peripheral speed of the Earth's surface beneath it.

Compared to the earth's surface, the travel times of the aircrafts to its starting position back needs the same time.
Compared to the starry sky the travel time of the aircraft to the East
needs only two-thirds of the Earth's rotation, ie two-thirds days*.
Compared to the starry sky the travel time of the aircraft to the West is, however, two turns of the Earth, two days*.
Both can be followed visually in the animation.
* These days are star days, no sunny days.

The Result.
1) The clock on the plane to the East goes slower due to the higher absolute speed, the clock on the plane to the West by its lower absolute speed goes faster.
 2) The travel time changes at these speeds of the aircrafts comply with the two-thirds of a day and two days. This is a ratio of one to three.
If the clock in the aircraft to the East pursues 50
ns, the clock in the aircraft to the West must proceed 150 ns.

Now the mystery of the results of the Hafele-Keating experiment is dissolved and: exact this result would have been predicted the special theorie of relativity! And now it can not even in retrospect.

So the general result is:
The Special Theory of Relativity is wrong!

Velocities are not relative to each other, but rather absolutely, practically** based on the starry sky.

But the Michelson-Morley experiment has yet measured, that velocities are relative?
Had it not!
It has accurately measured the speed, which owns the Earth's surface at the measuring point: its velocity of circulation of smooth 400 m / s. And, as expected after the measurement theory as wind of ether, which it should find and had done. The experiment from Michelson and Morley has measured concretely, that light, based on the location of the experiment, flows  400 m / s slower to the east and faster to the west. That means, that the location of measuring moves with 400 m/s to the east. Why is no wind of ether found, caused by the velocity in the orbit of the Earth around the sun? Please see in "Gravitation". 

This opens up new definitions:
Speeds are absolute and refer to the ether and
time dilation refer only to these absolute velocities, which does not exist in the theories of relativity.

** The ether is horizontal on the Earth's surface in rest, based on the starry sky. It does not go with the rotation of the Earth. Only a very very smal moving exist by the Lense-Thirring effect. 

Because now everything fits together, is this the definitive physical proof of the correctness of the above.