Jan Peter Apel

The Mystery Flying

The problem of solving the mystery of flying is hidden in the fact that the air is invisible. Therefore smoking threads in the wind tunnel have become to the only basis for thinking about the reason of flying.

The smoke threads in the wind tunnel seduce to the assumption. that air flows past a wing, although an airplane moves through the air and not vice versa. Measurements shows, that the "wind" over the wing is faster than under it. This led to the thesis, that this is, because the air behind the wing had to come together again as it had before the wing. Because of the longer way over the wing it would have to flow up faster. In order for to flow faster, it would have to borrow energy from itsr inner pressures, so that arise a Bernoulli negative pressure over the wing, which would essentially hold a plane above.
The speed increase of the air above the wing is about 10% at cruising speed. But that is even faster than necessary, so no proof for this theory but a proof against it. This so called longer path or equal transit theory and two others are therefore rightly considered by NASA as wrong, look at www.grc.nasa.gov/www/k-12/airplane/wrong1.html and following.

This Bernoulli negative pressure theory, which results from the above flow line picture, appears logical, although the flow lines above the wing are illogically closer to each other than those under the wing and so simulate overpressure, although there is negative pressure, which as the Bernoulli paradoxon develops such a great spiritual attraction that everyone is proud to know and believe such "interesting thing". But unlike the Bernoullie effect, it is not even calculatetable and even more dependent on faith.

All previous theories are characterized in particular by the fact that they can not provide a basic formula for the lift force. That's why flying at elementary schools is not teachable. A physically correct theory for a natural phenomenon, however, always has to lead to a simple and comprehensible basic formula with its basic principle, which it must contain in theories. If it can not do that, it is wrong. Searched is the true basic principle of flying and not just logical interpretations of images out of the wind tunnel.
5   All the theories, made out of the pictures out of the view in the wind tunnel, are wrong. They based on an untrue flow of air. The flow in a wind tunnel is an apparent movement of the air, caused only of a flow by the moving view from an airplane. A ladybird above a wing would see the particles of air moving just as wrongly over it as we see the stars above the moving surface of the earth. In both cases, only the observers moves and not the observed: the particles of air above a moving airplane are just as quiet as the stars above our moving earth surface.

The cause of the false theories of flight is the invention of the wind tunnel by the Wright Brothers. On the believe, that it does not matter if a wing moves through the air or the air moves along a wing, the above sketched wind tunnel image became the basis for the invention of the wrong flight theories. Well, to get only technical data, it does not matter if the movements are absolute or only relative like in the wind tunnel. However, the finding of the theory of flying is a physically task, so the laws of physics must be followed. According to them, an exchange of the movements is also an exchange of cause and effect! And that's the biggest mistake that can be made in physics. Nevertheless it was made with the grounds, that "it does not matter"! The result are the existing of false theories.
A physically theory for flying can only be correct if it emerges from the original event. And there a wing moves through the air, which does not have its own movement and thus can produce neither a Bernoulli nor a Coanda effect.
What moves absolutely, ie really, when flying, only becomes apparent when the event is observed in the natural coordinate system. Relative parametes, like a flow in the wind tunnel, are forbidden in physical theories. From a plane is seen an air flow, but it is only a pseudo-flow, it is only a reflect of the movement of the observer. In reality, an aircraft must move in relation to the air, so that the air, unaffected by sufficient distance to the aircraft, constitutes the natural coordinate system, in which the required movements of the aircraft to the air and the affected air areas by the wings can be seen. The flow of energy always goes from a plane to the air! For this the following animation. 

On display is an airplane with its wing that moves through the air. The identical image of the moving aircraft with its wing can also be seen stationary in the wind tunnel, where the air moves and the aircraft is stationary. The red dots are air particles that show how they move with the air, affected by the aircraft. In the original flying are they the absolute movements of the air, in the wind tunnel the relative, which can be observed from the plane out.

The truth of flying:
As can be seen in the following of this page, a wing pushes air mechanically downwards through its slightly oblique position (typically 6 degrees) and forward movement, which, as seen in the animation above, moves air downwards. This is not noticeable in the wind tunnel, as the horizontal velocity of the air is much greater than its vertical downward velocity. For this reason, the actual air flow, which pushed from the wings downwards and which also causes the big vortecies which falls behind the aircraft, is ignored at all. First humans must die in this vortecies, until they was discovered.

Lift force is generated mechanically kinetically according to Newton's laws for forces from the repulsive force of every second accelerated air mass. This is about as much as the plane itself weighs. Out of this theory arised the principle formula of lift, which is understandable for elementary schools and everyone with interest. It is here derived in "basic aerokinetic formula" by the principle of the air masses pushed downwards by wings in milliseconds. Air particles feel their acceleration through the wings like a blow down.

The Newtonian theory of flying:

Flying objects heavier than air flies according to the basic principle of downwards accelerate of air mass by slightly obliquely upward inclined moving plates. This applies to airplanes, helicopters, insects and in subsonic and supersonic flight.

Whoever manages first to disprove this Newtonian theory of flying according to the rules of physics, based on the original process of flying, that is, wing moves against the air, gets from me (only in my lifetime) a gratificaton of

5000 €

Mathematical derivations are ruled out because mathematics can only describe natural phenomena but can never explain them. For example, mathematics "proves" more than four different theories for the natural phenomenon of gravity, although none of them is correct. This definitely proves that mathematics can not prove anything in physics. Natural phenomena with their cause-effect principles are only physically findable and explainable, that is purely verbal and stringent by means of a principle of operation of cause to effect, that is teachable, understandable and comprehensible to anyone who is interested.