Jan Peter Apel

Newtonian Physics

The term physics is well known. However: what is physics? Nobody knows. That's why there is no definition of what it should be. This even led to the fact, that there are several physics.
Newtonian physics was the first. It had a hard and material basis for space and time. Then Einsteins physics came as one above the Newtonian standing. It saw everything only relative, absolute did not exist and space was oversized and time variable.
It follows an alternative physics out of many questions, which Einsteins physics can't anwer. Considering many "dark" postulations, such as dark matter, dark energy and dark currents, we may soon be talking about a "dark physics".
All of these physics are still unable to identify theories as right or wrong. But that would be the basis for the fact, that physics could be a science in the first place. As long as up to doday it can not be said rightly and wrongly what is
unsaid forbidden in physical publications, one knows nothing.

There is not the slightest evidence for the existence of spaces with more tahn tree dimensions. They exist exclusively in abstract mathematical formulations. But there are proofs for variable times, so it really exists, they can be measured and calculated. But that does not mean that there is no fixed point for the time. There is a time course that is fixed: the fastest possible running time in the entire cosmos. This time  is referred to here as zero-time.
Based on it, the running of time for events of nature can only slow down, even to a standstill. This is the case when objects move at the speed of light. In these objects then no more time passes, even radioactive processes do not go on, everything is frozen.
Natur processes, running with slower time than the zero-time, are said "relativistic." This can be compared with the fact, that the wrong things by observations out of movements are called "relative". Relativistically is the wrong seeing out of observations with other times than are in the observed objects.

Movements are the basis of the world. Everything is born out of them: stars and heat and waves and radioactivity. That is why the physics of world mechanics is based exclusively on movements. Only one thing is missing: everything in the world is materially! Intellectually is an empty space posssible, but not in reality. The vacuum of the universe is full. With what, is still to be explored. There are no fields wether electric nor magnetic nor gravitational nor otherwise as spiritually invented.
Fields are still only placeholder names for the unknown, with the term "field" only ignorance is concealed. But this has the advantage that it creates a mental image as a substitute for the unknown, so that the human mind has a hold. But nature does not calculate but only movings, following simple principles.

The ether
as a real, but not with an inert mass, filling the world as the basis for everything. It is the ZPV, the Zero Point Field, as the alternative physicists say, the absolute fixed point of the world. So nothing is relative, everything is absolute and refers to the ether. Movement are determined as movement towards the ether. The Hafele Kaeting experiment proves that insistently and that leads to the refutation of the relativity theories (see here in "The Bigest Lie in Modern Physics").

Zeitdilatation arised out of a slowing down of the movements of the electrons around their atomic nuclei. So it is a normal mechanical process and nothing mysterious. Time dilation is an absolutely value determined by movements with respect to the ether.
With the slower running time works the whole mechanics of the world. Its underlying  time basis is one revolution of an electron around its nucleus. No matter how long does it takes.

The amazing thing: all formulas of the mechanics of Newtonian physics works correct! Of course, that is already known, but without the now revealed knowledge, why that is so. Calculations, which use our Earth time must be corrected with the relativistic factor. But not, because relativistic processes are something other than the normal processes, namely only because the Earth time is not the time, which is running in the observed inertial systems. The time in the inertial systems are the result of the movements of them towards the ether. Every concrete mechanical advance of a natural process has the same number of revolutions of electrons around there atomic nuclei, no matter how long it takes by the time dilations. That means:

The time in the worlds mechanical is the relativistic time.
It is determined by the revolutions of the electrons around their atomic nuclei.
The orbits of the electrons around their atomic nuclei are the "driving pinions" of nature.

This means nothing else than that, that Newtonian physics is relativistic in its essence. Even we live relativistically, that is, a bit slower and therefore longer, because our time runs a little slower, namely by gravity and also by the peripheral speed of the Earth's surface, as the Hafele Kaeting experiment shows.

Newtonian physics is the only physics in the world.
An additional one is not needed.

Based on the above findings, physics must be an explanation of the world:
Physics means thinking, not calculating!

Physics is the explanation of nature

The above findings could never have been calculated by mathematics,

Physics is thinking, not calculating!