Jan Peter Apel

Interferometer Fiber-Optik Gyroskope (IFOG)

There is a gyroscope, that works with light. A gyroscope, for example, is used to measure the transverse and longitudinal inclination of an aircraft in aviation, as well as its directional changes. Up to now, this has been achieved by the fact that in these measuring devices a flywheel rotates rapidly, which, caused by its rotation, receives the property of maintaining its position. This precision mechanics is removed by a light or laser "gyro", which results in a simplification and above all a revolutionary minimizing of its dimension.
Light gyros are even contained in toy drones, which stabilize their position via electronics. Laser gyros also indicate the very slow rotation of the earth.

How is the light gyro built up?
Two light beams are simultaneously in opposite sent in a circular path. If they come together again at the starting point, they differ in their arrival times when the starting point has
turned In the meantime with the circular path. The circular path is realized in technology with a glass fiber. The sensitivity can be increased by multiple coiling to a coil instead of a larger circle.

Why does a light gyro work?
According to Einstein, light would have a constant velocity against all bodies, so also aginst the glass through which it flows. But then the light beams would always come back at the same time, despite the glass fiber ring has turned. The light gyro would not work. Therefore the Einstein-Science does not find any explanation for its functioning.
The light gyroscope can only work if the light speed does not refer to the glass fiber. The measurement of the rotation of the earth shows emphatically that the assumption of a constant velocity of light against any moving bodies, here the glass fiber, is wrong.

To what does the light really relate in its speed?
Light is a vibration of the ether as sound is one of the air. Thus the speed of light is determined by the ether, which Einstein successfully, but unauthorized, removed from physics. The ether is the substance which fills the entire universe and from which, by Joseph Larmor, all matter has arisen and which fills up all space up into the atoms.

Light flows within matter not in relation to its atoms, but against the ether located between and into the atoms. The fact, that light flows more slowly in glass has no effect to the function of a light gyro.

If a light gyro rotates, the ether does not rotate with it so that the velocity of the light against the glass fiber in the rotary motion becomes faster and slower towards it, which leads to temporally differently arriving light beams at the feeding point of the light.

In addition to the Michelson-Morley-Experiment (The very small measured value, resulting from the peripheral velocity of the earth's surface) and the Hafele-Keating-Experiment, the light gyro is a further proof of the incorrectness of Einstein's constancy of light.