Jan Peter Apel

Einstein's Phantom

by Jan Peter Apel

Einstein describes gravity as a "bending" of space with even more than three dimensions, so that in this "crooked" space a force-free body is moving straight ahead and with constant speed, according to Newton's laws, although we observe from our only three-dimensional view in the coordinate system of the earth's surface, that a body makes a ballistic curve with increasing speed.

Why does gravitation need additionally a gravitational force?

This is Einstein's Phantom, in whose fruitless search he was trapped until his death. Newton stated only, that an apple falls down. To blame that by an attraction force, that, according to his words, spreading through nothingnes like the space to infinity, he considered as purly phantasy. Such a kind of ghostly force was unthinkable for him. And it was not found until today, that is, in 2027, three hundred years after him, despite intense search!
The emergence of our weight on Earth was defined by Einstein as a Newtonian acceleration force upwards, which he made clear with his example of a man in an ever-accelerating elevator cabin in the space. Every accelerometer measures the Newtonian acceleration to us from bottom to top on the earth's surface, which proves this weight generation emphatically, because:

Measuring instruments never lie!

To interpret the upward acceleration by an accelerometer as an attraction force downwards is an interpretation based on the belief of the existence of an attraction force, but not an exception measured value of an accelerometer. This does not lose his ability to measure in that it is aligned vertically. There are no such exceptions for measuring instruments, otherwise everything measured could be doubted. Einstein found, that there is no difference between weight and force, both are reaction forces by Newtonian accelerations against the inertia of bodies.
Accelerometers are designed exclusively for Newtonian accelerations, that is for accelerations against inertia. At gravitational accelerations, they definitely indicate zero, because these accelerations do not take place against overcoming inertia forces, they are completely different.

The quintessence:
Either gravity is an event that arises by crooked space
or an event that arises by the existence of an attraction.
Both together is pseudophysics.

The truth is, that neither one nor the other is right.