Jan Peter Apel

The End of Relativity

Physics is the science to find the truths of nature behind its often incomprehensible phenomena. Everything here below exclusively describes to the truth of nature and is fully proved by measurements. In contrast to this, all today's interpretations out of the theories of relativity with their mathematical only extrapolations are confirmed by not a single one concrete measurement. Mathematics alone could not prove any physical theories, as proved by more than four mathematically "proven" quite different gravitational theories, although only one can be correct.

To properly explain the world, it is necessary to know the right view of it. Scientifically, views are defined by coordinate systems. Correct views, that is, correct coordinate systems, results only from the point of reference underlying an observed natural phenomenon, where it is, as it were, "moored". Flying refers par ecample to  the air, because without them, it would not be possible. Even the right view of the world, which we only experience from the inside out, is only possible from a basis that underlies it. That is to be found and represents the absolute fixed point for nature. However, neither we, the earth nor the sun, the Milky Way or a theoretical point is this required fixed point, which in particular do'nt have any movements. Whether a thing moves or not, neither we nor the earth nor the sun or the galaxy do decide, but only the basis of the world which we must find. These is to be found and represents the absolute fixed point for them. However, neither we, the earth nor the sun, the Milky Way or a theoretical point is this required fixed point, which particular do'nt have any movements. Whether a thing moves or not, neither we nor the earth nor the sun or the galaxy do decide, but only the basis of the world which we must find.

Einstein believed that he had found the fixed point of the world in a freely falling body, because such a body is completely free of Newton's forces acting on it, that is to say without acceleration. That it has additional uniform Newtonian movements, he did not notice. Einstein, in spite of its falling motion, rated the gravitational movements of his body, which is only free of forces, as the reference, that is, the fixed point of the world.
The fact, that Einstein's fixed point moves, is, of course, a paradox, which is why no general understanding has been formed for it. Since the view from a moving location, here from Einstein's falling body, is called relative and Einstein's fixed point, the force-free body, moves, the description of the world was called from this perspective with "theory of relativity". This, however, was contrary to Einstein's understanding, because he gave the force-free body the status as an absolute fixed point, so that the theory would have to be an absolutely theory.
Because Einstein's free-falling body is "steered" by gravitational causes, Einstein's general theory of relativity is also considered a "theory of gravitation." Einstein wanted to develop it into a "general theory of the world" with a concluding world formula. But to this day also his successors can not succeed, so that at the beginning of the 21st century in the weekly magazine wrote "Die Zeit" (Germany) an article with the title "Aus, die Physik ist am Ende" ("Physics is at the End"). Einstein's physics is at the end, since no more can come out than at the beginning was put into it. Mathematics can not find nature "things", only extrapolate from initial conditions, but always connected to its beginnings.

Einstein described the world with the "fixed point" as a body, that is only free of forces. But not in concrete geometrical pictures, but by means of abstract mathematical calculations, which needs more than three dimensions, because  the special relativity says, that light is absolut and simultaneously relativ constantly.
Since this math was new and extremely complicated at the time, the tale arose that only a few people in the world could understand. Due to the expanded knowledge of mathematics, this Einsteinian "view" of the world based on gravitational geodesics (fall curves) is now unspectacular and normally manageable for scientists, but still not translatable into real three-dimensional images.
Synonymous with the indescribability of the mathematical content of the general theory of relativity arised the concept of "space-time", in which a force-free body moves straight ahead and with constant velocity, even though it moves on a crooked course of uneven speed, viewed from the ground. Space-time is an interpretation out of the mathematical equations of Einstein's mathematics of the general theory of relativity in order to be able to present something that seems real out of them.

But how will be evaluate interpretations out of mathematical formulations, in this case unintentionally but aptly, said Josef Honerkamp in "Was können wir wissen" (What can we know), 2013, so very up to date, Page. 209:

At this level (the verbal) laymen and not directly involved professional scientists can have a say. Of course they have a handicap: how the people in Platon's allegory of the cave they see only the schemes of the theory, can never rely on the equations, can not judge how good they describe the phenomena and what in statements from experts about these mathematical `theories´ is already interpretation.

According to this, physical interpretations are only non-binding statements about that, what is `as truth' in mathematical equations. Which `truths' are in Einstein's equations? It can only be those what have been brought in with the initial assumptions of their origin. These are that light is at the same time absolutely as relatively constant and a force-free body is the fixed point of the world. But both are not truths.

Absolute and simultaneous relative constancy of a real movement speed is not possible in a three-dimensional space. So, the world would have to be over dimensionally.

For overdimensionalitis and some other theories out of the relativities
there are still today not a single explicit proof of its presence in nature!

The relativity theories are wrong. And this proves just the Michelson-Morley experiment with its measured value of a very small ether wind, arising as a wind due to the Earth's peripheral speed of around 400 m / s. Einstein concluded by the undetected wind with a speed of the earth around the sun of 30,000 m / s that the ether do not exist. But it exist. Having found a thing is the conclusive proof of its existence, not having found a thing is by no means proof of its nonexistence!
The second proof of the ether, independent of the Michelson-Morley measurement, is provided by the Hafele-Keating experiment, which results in even opposite changes in the time dilatations in airplanes orbiting Earth in the west and east directions. These changes against the clocks on the earth's surface can not be explained by the special theory of relativity, so it is directly refuted.
Different time dilations also mean correspondingly different speeds of the aircrafts, but they do not have in relation to the earth's surface. But they have them with respect to the ether, which does not join the Earth's rotation, otherwise the measured ether wind by the Michelson-Morley experiment could not be measured.

With these truths also arises: Time dilations arise causally by movement speeds compared to the ether. They are, as follows, the absolute measure of speeds.

Furthermore, Einstein's force-free body can not be a fixed point of the world. A fixed point must be not only forcefree, but also free of movements. That is, a body is only a fixed point if it has no Newtonian movements too. When is that the case?

Every body moving on a curved path located in a gravitational field has a Newtonian motion to the side. Only when it falls vertically* on a straight line it does not have  Newtonian motions to the side.
* Vertical is defined here with respect to the starry sky and not with respect to the rotating surfaces of celestial bodies, because these have a lateral movement.

However, a force-free body falling perpendicularly without sideways motion can also have a vertical Newtonian motion
How can that be determined?
Newtonian movements arise only through previous accelerations against the inertia of the mass of bodies. Out of this arise the following consideration: in an otherwise completely empty room, a small body is at rest. Now, at a great distance, a large body, e.g. the earth will added, also without movement, so even at rest. The gravitational effects of these bodies ultimately bring both together. The earth moves imperceptibly, while the small body falls onto it with the so-called escape velocity. Having never been accelerated against inertia by any external Newtonian force, the body has only gravitational velocity without a Newtonian share of moving.

Only that body, that exactly falls with the escape velocity perpendicular to the starry sky,
represents* the fixed point of the world.

Only it is free of Newtonian accelerations and movements!

* "Represents" therefore, because it is not the falling body that is the fixed point of the world, but that in which it is and from which it is only taken. And that is the ether, that fills the entire space of the universe down into atoms. And the earth eats this ether! Why, is still unknown. But our children also want later to have something to explore. The ether flowing into the earth causes the phenomena of gravitation and also causes the so-called gravitational time dilation on the surface of the earth. And that fits exactly to the escape velocity, with which the ether flows into the earth. This is the proof of the inflow of ether into the earth, it is a vertical ether wind. This vertical ether wind prevents that ether wind, that is presupposed for the Michelson-Morley experiment as measuring theory.
So follows, that gravitational motions are movements of the ether and Newtonian motions which are such against the ether. Movements in three-dimensional space thus consist of the sum of gravitational and Newtonian movements. How can they be distinguished or separated? With the help of the time dilation.

Time dilation arises only by previously occurred Newtonian acceleration. Against Newtonian accelerations, masses defend themselves with their inertia. Why is also still unknown, but: masses defend themselves against accelerations only if they have to change their speeds compared to the ether and only thereby time dilatations arise. Time dilations are thus the absolute measure of Newtonian speeds. The passage of time within matter (eg the number of orbits of electrons around their atomic nuclei per second), measurable in light emanating from it, has the fastest possible value if a body has no velocity according to Newtonian physics, that is none towards the ether.

A body with escape speed
vertically falling against the starry sky
has no time dilation because it has no
speed against the ether,
so with respect to the fixed point of the world.

The consequences:
with only a gravitationally vertical falling fixed point without any Newtonian movements no space curvatures can result, as they are interpreted from the theories of relativity! They do not exist either.
Since the light is vibrations of the ether like sound vibrations of the air, the ether is also the zero point of the speed of light. Of course, light rises more slowly against the incident ether current from the earth, resulting in the detected wavelength increases towards the top.
Even horizontally, it moves faster towards the east and slower towards the west. This is proven by the Michelson Morley experiment and the Hafele Kaeting experiment. In the Michelson Morley experiment, the value measured from the peripheral velocity of the earth's surface of about 400 m / s was simply swept under the table compared to the desired one of about 30,000 m / s.

There are no oversizes.
The world is as three-dimensional as it looks
and all the phenomena in it do explain
by the basis of the world, the ether
as a substance out of any inertial masses.

The relativity theories are physically no theories. Only mathematicians give them this status. A physical theory is defined exclusively by a verbal explanation of a concrete natural phenomenon by means of a cause-and-effect principle occurring in it. None of these contain the theories of relativity. Physical theories have something to explain and provide answers. Mathemaik can never explain anything, that is only verbally possible.
Mathematics can only describe what looks like, but not how and why it works.
Truths about the world are only verbally possible with the real things of nature which interacts by cause-and-effect principles.

Einstein was right to assume the fixed point of the world in the state of a falling body. Unfortunately, he overlooked the fact, that a body free of forces, that is free of acceleration, is not enough, that the body can show the fixed point.
One believed Einsteins faulty fixed point, but not his right knowledge about the origin of our weight on the earth's surface as an acceleration from the bottom up, measurable with each accelerometer. He himself but no too, because he was looking for a gravitational force up to his end, although it is not needed for the weight and Newton himself predicted the impossibility of a gravitian force.

The theories of relativity are to be eliminat without substitution, because they are wrong. What remains, is the existence of time dilation, which was discovered by Josef Larmor before Einstein. The task of the special theory of relativity as a physical theory would have been to explain the time dilation in origin and effect. Instead, it only gives instructions for mathematical formulations to account the resulting relativistic effects.

We have to accept our world with the paradox of a seemingly moving fixed point in the form of the ether, it is and has the power to be the absolute fixed point for EVERYTHING. To term "theory of relativity" is wrong, it would presuppose that we(!) are the absolute reference point. We should finally realize that we are just a plaything of nature and our view is often the absolute wrong. Relative has the meaning of wrong and can not be term for right. Physics has to be exact, so colloquial has nothing to do in it, only the absolute is right. The "basis" of the world is the ether, from which, according to Josef Larmor, matter first emerged.
Thankfully, we live in a place that is geometrically quiet except for the Earth's movements to the sky, so that the cosmos is easy to observe. Functionally, however, we find ourselves in an ether flow (escape velocity, therefore also with its time dilation) and an accelerated state, as our weight shows.
The cosmos is geometrically exactly as it looks. All fantasies out of the relativity theories such as space curvatures and space-time and overdimensions are nonsense. All the phenomena of the world are explainable without the theories of relativity, by principle simple and understandable cause-and-effect principles.

Physical theories are only correct then
if everything fits together without exception!
And that's only the case by the ether theory.

The relativity theories are the biggest fallacy ever!