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Jan Peter Apel

 The World's Mechanics

The world is today tried to explain with two theories. The little one of the world is explained by the quantum mechanics. The big one of the world is tried to explaine by the relativity theories, but they can not explain a single one concrete phenomenon from cause to effect whith a principle. They provide exclusively mathematical formulations, from which interpretations emerge, which up to this day, over 100 years(!), can't be confirmed by anything re-measurable such as for space time. The biggest problem, however, is, that both, the small and the bigof the world do not match, although a great always must be the sum of its little one. The known knowledges about the small of the world is experimentally proven, the knowledges about the big of the world not. So the theories for the great, the relativity theories, are false.

The special and the general theory of relativity, from which no ordinary citizen can make a meaningful idea of what it is supposed to be, stands on two pillars:  peculiar constancy of the speed of light, namely based to any body moving freely, and a reference point for movements represented by a force-free body.
Both foundations, which are the mathematical initial conditions of the theories of relativity, come from only one experiment, the famous Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887. Control experiments with other measurement theories were not made. The experiment measured the difference of the speed of light in the direction of the motion of the earth around the sun and transversely, what should confirm the existence of the ether. The result was nearly zero despite the expected difference of about 30,000 m / s. However, it was not concretely zero, but a very small measured value was reproducibly present. From the impossibility of an explanation of this smal value, it was ignored and out of the great "non"-value was concluded, that there is no ether and light hits every body whith light speed, regardless of whether a body is moving against or away from the light. Concrete measurements, which are confirmed in detail, are not yet available.

In 1971 an experiment was made out of curiosity by Hafele and Keating. The result was just as surprising as the Michelson Morley experiment. Since then it is hold under the ceiling and will be seen through rose-coloured lenses to damage not the theory of relativities, look at "The bigest lie in modern physics". The experiment should, based on the time dilatation, measure clocks in airplanes, which traveled whith same velocities in the east and west direction around the world, how much they loses time.
Instead the results showed in the west direction an even triple increase of time as the predicted only decrease of the clocks in both directions by the speciel relativity.
The result of the experiment can only be explained by the fact, that the velocities of the airplanes from which the time dilatations result are not based to the earth's surface, but to the starry sky. With the view from the starry sky the theory of relativity would also lead to the correct result. But the relativity theories do not know an external reference point, but only two involved objects, in this case only the clock in an airplane and the comparison clock on the ground.
Relativity theories imply, that everything is relative, from only one to only one other object. If the other object, the reference clock, would be placed on a fixed star in the sky and would be simultaneously the movement reference point, "everything would be right". But it would be just a coincidence.
The Hafele-Keating experiment has unintentionally become to a control experiment to the Michelson-Morley experiment and disproved definitely the special relativity 

The clocks in the airplanes in their boxes do not know anything about a starry sky, nevertheless in their timelines they follow it. 
That is only understandable, if something is in the watches, which is connected with the starry sky. And this something has to be materially (there are no spirits!).

The highest law in nature is:
All is materially!

Only a materially thing can tell the clocks in the aircrafts that and how fast they move. And this thing exists: it is the ether, which Einstein, because of his interpretation of the Michelson-Morley experiment, banished from physics. This is why physics is been in the deadlock
since decades.
The truth is: speed, and thus also time dilation, refer to the ether as the substance filling the entire space of the universe up into the atoms. It is indeed non-material, but contains much energy. This energy is real measured as "energy of the vacuum".
Light also has its velocity against the ether, since it is vibrations of the ether like sound vibrations of the air. Light hits, of course, with the respective speed difference to moving objects; otherwise, wheel measurements would not be possible; no Doppler effect could occur. The created  "relativistic" Doppler effect for light does not exist, it has no natural basis from a cause to an effect, it is a purely mathematical creation. 

The vacuum in space is not nothing, but the origin of the world, the ether.
Only out of it the matter emerged, so Joseph Larmor predicted.

The errors in the theories of relativity.
Firstly, the speed of light is not constant to bodies, but to the ether, which the Hafele-Keating and the Michelson-Morley experiment (out of its small measured value from the peripheral velocity of the earth's surface) and the functioning of an interferometer fiber-optic gyroscope (IFOG), which can not explain by the Einstein guided science have definitely proved. Therefore the first pillar of the theories of relativity is gone. Secondly, a reference point for movements itself must not have any movements. Einstein's only forceless, that is only acceleration free, body can still have movements. It does not have movements only then, if it is in rest against the ether. No movement against the ether is also no time dilation. No time dilation has a body near the earth only then, if it fall vertically with the speed of flight to the earth's surface, but without following the earth rotation (only the very small part of the Lense-Tirring effect).This body has the fastest possible time of the cosmos, which can be regarded as a natural constant. Einstein's force-free, ie without accelerations, body is gone too as the second pillar of the theories of relativity.
Einstein was correct with his idea, that a force-free body has a special state in the direction of an absolute fixed point. But the fact that it is the true zero point only then, if it is among accelerating also must be free of movements, he did not think. This is also due to the fact, that the misinterpretation of the result of the Michelson-Morley experiment does not allow any definition for absolute movements, everything would be only relative.
Whether something is moving or not, decide another body. If there is no one, a body does not know whether it is moving or not. Every body, however, knows very well whether and how fast it moves. That tells it its remeasurable time dilation and its previously given Newtonian acceleration against its mass inertia.

Gravitational accelerations, ie falling accelerations, are not accelerations of the bodies against their masses, which is why we do not feel any acceleration when we jumping into the pool, but they are accelerations of the ether, in which bodies are only "constituents," according to Larmor only "another form of the ether." This shows that the ether flows into the earth, to which we say gravitation. This vertical inflow of the ether into the Earth's surface is the reason why the Michelson-Morley experiment did not detect an "ether wind" from the orbital velocity of the Earth around the Sun. In the vertical, the Michelson-Morley experiment would measure the escape speed of the earth. In the horizontal direction it measured the weak wind of ether, which results from the rotation of the earth on its surface and led to the inexplicably small measured value.

Overdimensions result in the general theory of relativity by the error, that the velocity of incidence of the light on moving bodies would be always the speed of light. This is not possible in three geometrically spatial dimensions and space curvatures result from the assumption that the curved curves of bodies are in fact Newton's straight line of inertia. Mathematics shouted "Hurray, I can calculate it all" and became to the leader in  physics. The calculations with the theories of relativity for its view of the things are mostly right, but not always, what, however, theories idenitfy as their entirety. There are no overdimensions and space curvatures, they are only interpretative outcomes of mathematical excursions on the basis of two false assumptions.

"The calculations are right," is the only argument that supports the relativity theories. However, calculations are also correct for false theories, already alone for gravitation more than four! With these false theories, space probes are successfully emitted from the earth. But, for every natural phenomenon, so also for gravitation, only one theory can be correct. And these must first of all say why the gravitational effect decreases with the square of the distance, and, of course, what is gravitation at all. Mathematics has no rules for right and wrong, which has only physics, whereby their few known rules are simply ignored.
Gravitation is flow of ether into celestrial bodies, look at "Gravitation." Therefore, the effect (flow rate) also decreases quadratically to the distance. This is shown experimentally directly by the fact, that the wavelength of vertically rising light increases, because the "wind" of the ether as the oscillating medium of the light decreases with increasing height. There can be no so-called "gravitational" time dilation. Every natural phenomenon, even the time dilatation, has only one cause, and that is movement against the ether. A movement against the ether is also present on the surface of the earth, which is vertically in rest, but the ether flows through it. So the earth's surface has a time dilatation at exactly the height, which results from the escape speed. And this even calculates the general theory of relativity correctly, but it does not know this, so that it is ultimately only a coincidence.

The theories of relativity lapse without substitute. Also because they are no theories at all, but only mathematical treatises for a virtual nature based on false foundations. Physics is to find theories which, by definition, can primarily answer the pivotal questions: "Which natural phenomenon works from which cause to which effect according to which principle?".

Calculations of natural phenomena can be made from the naked correlations of their involved physical variables without knowing the functionisms of the phenomena. This has nothing to do with physics, can at most be called a technique.
In this world, Newton's physics is the only one, and there is no other.

Newton, however, did not now anything from time dilatation, because it becomes really noticeable only at higher speeds. The influence of time dilation into the Newtonian physics, which is termed "relativistic", takes place with the relativistic factor.

The relativistic factor.
With the relativistic factor gamma, also called the Lorentz factor, calculations for moving natural phenomena are brought to quantitatively correct results. It has emerged purely mathematically, without a physical foundation. He can not make any physical statements such as "When is a nature event relativistic or what is relativistic?"
The design of this factor is also alien to nature. At a speed of infinity, its value is one and at a speed of zero it is zero. Where in the nature is a speed of infinity? It is impossible to make understandable statements from this purely mathematical definition of the factor and generate general rule, when to use it where and how.

All phenomena of nature are materially. This also applies to the time dilation, without it there would be no relativism. Time dilation is a mechanical process. Time dilatation occurs, because the revolutions of an electron, representing the natures clock, have to move independently to the nucleus by itself against the ether, who fills out the whole univers (see "Animation time dilation"). The orbits of the electrons in an atom let the atom "live". The electrons, however, must, in addition to their orbits, also participate in the forward movements of the atom in relation to the ether, so that their speed-supply of light-velocity remains less for the orbits. At light speed nothing more, the clock in matter stopped, the matter is dead, even radioactive processes in it stopped. This is the functionism of time dilation. One revolution of an electron around the atomic nucleus is a unit of time which also corresponds to a constant mechanical progress in the atom as well as in nerves and largest engines. The revolutions of the electrons around their atomic nuclei are the "driving pinions" of the nature!

Time dilation is not only a view of differently moved other bodies. Time dilation is an absolute material mechanical process. A meaningfully factor for this must lead to the deceleration of the time. So it must be one when at movement of zero and zero at the speed of light, all against the ether. Only in this way does a physical factor reflect the nature truly.

The formula for the time slowed by the time dilation is: The relativistic time is equal to the zero time (without time dilation) times the physical relativistic factor. The historically created factor by Larmor and Lorentz is the physically non-meaningful reciprocal value, with which true thinking is not possible.
Time, too, is a thing in nature, namely change. What philosophers think about time has no effect in nature. In it applies, if nothing changes, there is no time. Time is not an abstract thing, which works ghostly in everything. Time and thus also time dilation is a purely mechanical process and therefore also bound to matter! A geometric space can not have time.

What is "relativistic"?
Relativistic is the time, nothing else. Time passes in a body or inertial system at there standstill against the ether with a maximum value and at light speed with a value of zero. There are neither relativistic functions nor relativistic things. Because at every movements against the ether as the fixed point of the world time dilatation arises, all processes in the cosmos are fundamentally relativistic.
That means nothing else as, that relativistic is the normal in nature.

How does the physics look for this?
The physical variable time contains always the zero time (without time dilation) times the physical relativistic factor. Both belong together like action and reaction. In all the formulas of Newton's physics, the time must be applied with the relativistic factor.
To assign the relativistic factor to other physical variables, nature does not allow. There is neither a length contraction nor a mass multiplication. Both are mathematical "products" out of ignorance, where the relativistic factor belongs, that is only where it arises. In reality, only the travel times are always the same, and the propulsion units slows down, at light speed to a standstill, to accelerate always equal masses further. There are no overdimensiones and space curvatures, both are results of mathematical excursions on the basis of two false assumptions.

There is no non-relativistic and relativistic physics, ie for example, no non-relativistic and relativistic impulse. There is only Newtonian physics with the time sequences, which possess the involved objects or inertial systems. This means, that Newtonian physics is fundamentally relativistic. For example, the impulse of a particle in an accelerator is determined by Newtonian physics as mass times its velocity at which the time is affected by the relativistic factor. The Newtonian velocity ranges from zero to infinity. For a body with the maximum possible absolute velocity of light speed against the ether, it is an infinite Newtonian speed and an infinite impulse.

All formulas of Newton's physics remain unchanged throughout the universe, with time being always linked with the relativistic factor. It can only be left out if the accuracy is sufficient without it, but this is the case for all technical processes on the earth.
Newton's assumption to a cosmos in which runs a "unitary time" for everything is correct for the cosmes (its age), but not for objects or inertial systems in it. Ihere times are the ones, which arise out of the time dilation.according to their speeds against the ether.

The value of the physical relativitic factor gamme.
The basis of thought is an atom, whose electrons revolutions forms the time. For a better thinking, the electrons revolves around the nucleus as a helix around the straight orbit of the moving atom. Would the electrons not orbiting the atomic nucleus transversely to the direction of the nukleus, they must overtake the nucleus and then fall back again, what leads to the same result. The orbital duration is longer on the helical path because the orbital path becomes longer.

This results in the following diagram.
The ordinate represents the movement speed of an object. The radius of the unit circle corresponds to the speed of light, which is the electron velocity on the screw line. On the abscissa, the reduced orbiting speed (dashed vector) is shown. This relative to the speed of light is the physical relativistic factor.
The historical (doctrinal) mathematical relativistic factor gamma is the physically not usable reciprocal, in which the cosine is expressed by Pythagoras, thus obscuring any natural origin.

The velocity of the electron from the speed of light is divided into the vector translational motion of the atom on the ordinate, and the rotatory of the electron around the atomic nucleus on the abscissa. 

The result:
The mechanical world is so incomprehensibly simple behind its often so mysterious phenomena.

The physically highest possible criterion for the correctness of this theory, that everything fits together without any complications, is fulfilled for this world mechanics. The problem of the incompatibility of the big (relativity theory) with the small (quantum mechanics) does not exist at all! 
The realization of Paul Dirac (Nobel Prize 1933), that a physical theory is either simple (this world mechanics) or false (Theorie of relativity) is confirmed as well as the prediction from Richard Feynman (Nobel Prize 1965):
"... that physics ultimately does not need mathematics, that finally the "machinery of the nature" will come to light and the laws will be as simple as the rules of the seemingly complex chess game".

The macro world is exactly so how it looks like:
simple three-dimensional.

Their functionism runs in different inertial systems
differently quickly according to simple cause-effect principles,
understandible for everyone with interest.

But the world is not yet fully explained.
As far as the macro cosmos is concerned, the next to be solved puzzle of mechanics is: "What is mass inertia"? The solution is probably to be found as an interaction with the ether, which must finally be researched. A help is in nuclear engineering to find.
It is also necessary to research, why the Newtonian impulse depends on the relativistic time, but this is also probably related to mass inertia.

Whoever is the first to make this mechanical world of the world by the rules of physics to shatter in its foundations, receives from me during my lifetime a premium of
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Refutations with mathematics are ruled out. Mathematics can only open up possibilities, but never decide whether these exist. Refutations must disprove the physical principles I used.